2013 Review, part 5

Monday, December 30, 2013

This year was a really slow year for me on the blog, but big for living. I feel like we did so much this year and the months went by far faster than I knew possible. So I wanted to do a little review in photos and in the 6 days left in the year, I'll do two months every day. 

September started off with a bang when Mason broke his leg on a trip to Regina. So that made the month pretty low key. My summer job ended at the beginning of the month so I spent a couple weeks in between jobs, which worked out well because driving with a broken right leg is a little tough. As crappy as it was that he was hurt, it was fun to have a week at home together too. 

October was also a pretty laid back month. Mason was still healing and I was settling into my new working routine. Gavin tried bowling for the first time and Mason would have lost to me if he hadn't stolen one of my turns.... cheater. ;) We also made some cool shadow puppets, which I'm still kind of amazed by so I had to put a picture of those in. They were such a simple but fun toy. And there was halloween, of course, Gavin was Super Mario this year.

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