2013 Review, part 4

Sunday, December 29, 2013

This year was a really slow year for me on the blog, but big for living. I feel like we did so much this year and the months went by far faster than I knew possible. So I wanted to do a little review in photos and in the 6 days left in the year, I'll do two months every day. 

July was such an awesome month. We did so much this summer and I'm so glad we seized the moment so often. We went on our first camping trip of the summer early in July on a whim. We took off to Waterton and enjoyed a couple days in the mountains. Gavin is so big now, we went hiking and exploring, stayed up late and counted satellites and such. My sister and her family also came down for a visit which is always fun. Any extra time we get with her family is so special. When they went home, they took Gavin with them and he spent a whole week in Regina without us. It was so strange for Mason and I (who never lived together before Gavin was around), but he had a good time and was so happy to see us when it was all said and done.

In August we took two more camping trips! The first was a little out of our comfort zone because it rained the whole first day! We had to set up our tent and do everything else in the rain. By the next morning we went so chilled that we sat in a coffee shop in town drinking tons of coffee and hot chocolate and then went to the laundromat to stick all of our clothes in the dryer! Lucky for us it cleared up for the rest of the trip. Our second camping trip was really spontaneous, Mason had a friend who was going camping a few hours away with some people and two days before the weekend Mason decided we'd go along! It was so worth it though, even though it was a very quick weekend, we got to see some awesome stuff in Banff National Park. And as if the month wasn't already awesome enough, I got to go to Regina and see Paul McCartney live with my dad and step-mom, and have a beach day with my mom, my sister and our little guys. 

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