2013 Review, part 3

Saturday, December 28, 2013

This year was a really slow year for me on the blog, but big for living. I feel like we did so much this year and the months went by far faster than I knew possible. So I wanted to do a little review in photos and in the 6 days left in the year, I'll do two months every day. 

We had a beautiful spring, May was more like summer a lot of the time so we spent a lot of time outside. Gavin and I got to do a trip to the zoo, and though nobody knew at the time it was our last chance to see the elephants there. They were moved after the zoo was totally flooded in June, and many other animals were put at great risk and some even died. So we were lucky we did that trip. Gavin also started t-ball, which he loved, but not for the ball, but for all the boys he could chase, be chased by and wrestle. He was definitely the troublemaker on the team. At the end of May the rain started (more on that in a minute) and I graduated!

June was a blast. We took a weekend to travel to Drumheller to their amazing dinosaur museum. It was a hit for all of us. We also checked out the cool land formations in the area (hoodoos!) and a suspension bridge. Gavin and I visited Stacey and Charlie again, and he had changed a ton. And it the rain really started. We had our average monthly rainfall in one day. For our city, with the river down in a valley where nobody lives and fairly low average rainfall, it was no big deal, but it devastated other communities in southern Alberta. It was amazing seeing that sort of thing so close to home, both horribly amazing and also fantastic because people really pulled together and helped others out. And we finished June off with my first trip of the year back home. I went 6 months without a trip home, the longest ever, but when I was back it felt like nothing at all.

Oh, and Gavin lived his lifelong dream of going for a lift in his uncle's bucket truck, while I stood below trying not to have a panic attack. ;)

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