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Monday, November 12, 2012

Every semester my university (and many others across the country) host a poster sale. Imaginus brings in hundreds of posters of all sizes, sets up massive displays for 3 days and (I'm assuming) makes a ton of cash. I've loved the poster sale since my sister first took me when I was in high school. My favourites are always the HUGE posters. 

A couple weeks ago it was at the U of L again and I wandered through. I spotted a bunch of maps and decided that I had to bring one home for Gavin. He has a thing for maps and I know that helping him explore what he is naturally curious about is so important. 

So I bought a giant map and I hung it in a strange place... right at his level. There wasn't enough room in any of the rooms, so I stuck it in the hallway near the front entrance. 

I can't even pretend that it looks right, but it makes sense for my little geographer. :) 

We've been using green painters tape to mark important points - where we live, where our family lives, where we have travelled recently or will travel soon.

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Mom said...

I think that is a perfect place for it. The wall was kind of blank anyhow. :) It is great that Gavin is interested in maps and that you have found a way to encourage that. It is educational and will help him in school and life.