Monday, November 19, 2012

You guys, this month has been ca-razy. Seriously, I think I have more going on this month than the previous six combined. Yesterday was probably the most special day of the month though because I went to my BFF's baby shower.

Let me just say that I'm not the "BFF" type - it seems a little grade 8 to me, but I can get away with it here because this girl has been my BFF since grade 8

So we have been friends for over a decade, we have matching tattoos (and so does the other super amazing lady in the photo above), and her baby boy is due on Gavin's fourth birthday. Go figure.

This weekend, I got to see these two girls together for the first time in two years. When we saw each other, it felt like no time at all. Everything is different now: we're all living with boyfriends, one a mom, one soon to be a mom, one who knows how to use birth control properly (lol), each living in a different city. But it never crosses my mind that things might be different, or that I have a thing in the world to feel insecure about, and that's amazing.

PS- tomorrow I'll show you the gift I made her!

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Mom said...

I'm so glad that you cherish that friendship and have made sure to keep in touch. Your BFF is a terrific young lady with a great big heart and I can see you two having a life-long friendship.