Surprise! An Awesome Feature

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I just found out yesterday that a post I wrote was featured on Rage Against the Minivan a couple days ago! In case you've never encountered the blog, Kristen is the author and she writes about adoption, parenting, style, and lots of other inspiring stuff. She runs an ongoing series where readers write posts about adoption based on the statement "what I want you to know". I submitted a piece a long time ago, I barely remembered that I wrote it and it just showed up a couple days ago. All of the comments were absolutely lovely and I was really flattered by Kristen's tweet:

Anyways, enough of my gushing. Click here to read the article, and if you don't know about our story, you can read all about it here. And you know what's funny? Commenters said over and over how Gavin has his dad's eyes. I just wrote a post about that a few days ago that is coming up soon. :)

Anything exciting happen to you this week?

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