Gavin's Art Centre

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost two years ago now, we moved into a three bedroom apartment. Being a family of three, we obviously didn't need to use all three bedrooms as they were intended so one became our "activity room" (that's just the name that stuck, I don't know why). It's my sewing and crafting space, Mason's jam space and our home office. Initially we loved it because we could put things like sewing machines and guitar equipment in there and just shut the door so Gavin couldn't get at it. But kids learn how to use door knobs and that there are things they shouldn't touch, so it has changed over time. 

I finally decided that Gavin deserved to be included in the room. That way he could have a space to do his own thing if Mason or I wanted to do ours in there and it would also provide a place for all his art/craft supplies so they weren't shoved on a top shelf somewhere and rarely used. It was win-win. 

The only catch was budget, I didn't really want to spend much money on it. I found a $14 cheapy end table at Walmart (it's a copy-cat of ikea's lack end table) that was the perfect size, and used a spare chair that he had from his other table set. I used scrapbooking paper to cover washed out tin cans, tea tins, and what not to hold supplies so they were at hand. I have colouring pages printed off and waiting right beside where he sits and we've been hanging his masterpieces with tape in front of his desk. 

I would love to have a better system for hanging them up, but feel like I've put too many holes in the wall already! Maybe I'll figure something out, but for now, we're all happy with it. He loves going in there and getting creative, he's even snuck in a couple times when Mason or I weren't looking!

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