DIY Decorative/Washi Tape Tutorial

Monday, April 16, 2012

I know that you've seen cute crafts floating around online using washi/decorative tape, right? If not, just do a quick search on google for washi tape crafts and see what I'm talking about. I wanted to try some out, but I don't think there are any stores here that sell the stuff, and paying $4 for one roll of tape online didn't sound like a good option either, so I decided to try making some myself. AND I apologize if the photos are bad, my 3 year old point and shoot seems to forget how to focus a lot these days!

What you need:

white tissue paper
masking tape
double sided tape (I used Martha Stewart's double-sided tissue tape)
your computer
a printer
scrap card stock (8.5" x 11")

How to make it:

Find a design that you want on your tape. 
I used this cute printable for my first (experimental) batch.

Trim your tissue paper down so it is about an inch larger than your card stock on all sides, then place it flat on a table with your card stock centred on top. If one side is shiny and the other is more paper-y, then make sure the paper side is face down on the table. 

Now fold the tissue paper over and tape it onto the card stock using your masking tape. Make sure it is flat, without wrinkles that will distort the image, and that you aren't bending the card stock either.

Place this in your printer, so it will be printing on the tissue paper side. 

Print out your design and give it a minute to dry.

Now you can cut out the designs.

Place your design, printed side down, on a table. Get your double sided tape out and carefully place the sticky side onto your tissue paper. Make sure it's straight and has no wrinkles.

Now trim the excess paper. If you do it right, you can reuse the excess for another piece and if you're really lucky, you can match the pattern up where your first one ended.

And that's it. Well, unless you want to use some of those scraps up and make some like this.

To use it, just peel off the paper backing and stick it! I've been keeping mine either hanging from binder clips or rolled up and secured with paper clips (which could be improved on, I know).

Total cost? For me it was $0... I already had everything on hand!

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