Dishwasher Magnet: A Quick Tutorial

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This tutorial is a bit of a funny one, you'll see why at the end. But first, I'll introduce you to the project. Sometimes in my house, the dishwasher gets run twice because someone didn't know the other had started it. And other times the dishes are dirty, but don't look it so we end up quizzing each other about if they are clean or not. I saw this idea somewhere a long time ago, but I have no idea where. Anyways, it's a helpful one! It's a magnet for the dishwasher. When you start the wash cycle, just turn it "clean" side up and when you empty it, turn it "dirty" side up.

What you need:

White paper or cardstock
Clean/Dirty image (below)
Adhesive magnet
Transparent contact paper

How to make it:

Start by printing off this image, whatever size you want your magnet to be. Mine is about 3 inches by 3 inches.

Now cut it out.

Then grab a piece of adhesive magnet just a little larger than the image you cut out and peel off the backing

Stick the image onto the magnet.

Then grab a piece of transparent contact paper about the same size as the magnet and peel the backing off.

Starting at one end, start stick the contact paper on top of the image, smoothing as you go to prevent any bubbles.

Trim around the image! I left a really tiny border so the contact paper and magnet are sticking together, which will help hold it together better.

Now you can go stick it on your dishwasher! Or, in my case, try to and find out that the dishwasher isn't magnetic. Ugh! 

Oh well, hopefully the idea is useful for somebody else. :)

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Anonymous said...

Use a velcro dot?