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Thursday, January 12, 2012

First thing this morning I woke up and found an email from my mom. The subject was simply "I've been published" and all that was in the message was a link. She got an opinion piece published in my hometown's newspaper! Neat.

The background is that when I was 8 and my sister was 10, our elementary school was shut down. It was a really fantastic, small school. Our parents and the staff fought to keep that school alive because they all believed in it so much, but it was closed for practical reasons. I remember my mom got on tv for giving a particularly insensitive school board member the business. It was a sad time, but we moved onto a new school. A lot of great things happened because of the switch. Tara made friends that she might not have otherwise and through one she met her husband! I ended up going to a different high school than I would have otherwise, which is where I met Mason, but I also faced two tough years of bullying by kids I never would have met had I not gone there. There was good and bad because of it. The site of my first and favourite school is covered by condominiums, which is a little sad to see.
where my first school used to stand.
And now there are more schools in the city closing, and one is where my sister teaches. My mom wrote a letter to the people affected now. I think it's very sweet.

Read the article here.

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