Choose Joy

Thursday, January 12, 2012

As a blogger, I really enjoy reading other blogs (obviously). My favourites are always fluctuating, but lil blue boo has been one for a while. Ashley, the wonderful lady behind it all is super crafty, which I love, but she is also clever, funny, and incredibly real. After a year with more than one tragedy, in the last few months she's been battling cancer. Yep, the big bad word that nobody wants to say. And instead of writing about fear, self-pity, or anything negative she writes about how grateful she is. Grateful that she is fighting this battle, and not any other person in her family. Grateful that she is still here and able to live her life fairly normally. She makes jokes, explains treatments, takes bets on her level of improvement, and talks about how thankful she is for the support she receives. And she chooses joy.

It reminds me to thankful for everything, including what is so easy to take for granted, the health of ourselves and our loved ones. If you feel so inclined, I would recommend going to her blog and showing some love! I just felt compelled to say something about her because even though I don't know her, I am so inspired by her courage and positivity.

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