Birthday Boy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last year, it felt weird writing a post that my son was two. Two! That feels like it was just yesterday, but alas, it was a whole year ago. Today my boy is three! Ugh, time goes by so, so fast!

However, he certainly seems like a three year old...

He has been using full sentences for over a year now. He tells stories, plays all sorts of creative, imaginative games, shows his love, and resists potty training and bedtime like nobody's business.

Oh, and he has been growing straight up (and mostly in the legs) like crazy lately. All of his pants from fall are suddenly too short!

So anyways, here's a happy birthday to my boy who grows up way too fast!

Today we'll be having a little celebration with my mom who drove seven hours just to be here for this boy's big day (we love you, Grandma Val!).

3 wonderful comments:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gavin! Hope you have a fabulous birthday :)

Mark, Christine, Makayla & Carissa

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gavin. You're such a big boy now. Hope you're having a great day.
You too, Val.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday !

Love DAd