Post Birthday Post

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So if you stopped by yesterday, you already knew it was Gavin's birthday (thanks for the birthday wishes, those who sent them!). It was such a crazy day, I just had to share it.

It started bright and early. Mason and I got up early to inflate 30 balloons with helium so Gavin could wake up to a balloon filled room. He woke up just after we brought the last of them in and was so happy. He opened some presents, had waffles for breakfast, and went to gymnastics. It was a good morning!

But I guess he was all used up by the end of that. After lunch and a nap he woke up and, well, took out some natural processes on Mason who had just gotten home from work. Poor Mason got peed and then puked on in about half an hour! Even worse, poor Gavin who had his first puke experience (other than spitting up as a baby). I think it was kind of traumatic for him.

He got better and then worse throughout the day, but we still got through the birthday stuff. We were lucky to have Grandma Val here so we didn't have to send the poor sick kid to daycare! He managed to muster up some excitement for the cake even though he didn't really eat any (for the best I'm sure).

It was a good lesson for my perfectionist side. The day before I was worried about timing the balloons right and trying to get the cake to look good, but the actual day was a reminder of how little we have control over and how little the things I can make "perfect" really matter.

When I put him to bed I asked him if he had a good birthday. In his sad, sick voice he said "yes" then rolled over and fell asleep almost instantly. Good enough for me.

2 wonderful comments:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day despite being sick. Cool cake. That must have taken some time to make. Hope Gavin is feeling better today.

Tara said...

The cake looks fantastic and the balloons in the bedroom look like such an exciting thing for a little boy to wake up to! You are supermom!