2011 Highlights

Saturday, December 31, 2011

In honour of this last day of the year, I decided to do a review of my year. There are so many ways to approach this so I've broken it down into a couple categories.


The number one highlight of the year for my family had to be Gavin's adoption. Making our family totally official was something that has been on my mind and heart since before Gavin's birth.

Another highlight for my family this year was our first camping trip. It was so much fun and it's so fun to start our own family traditions. Even though we didn't get much sleep, we made some awesome memories.

And my third highlight for our family has just been Gavin's growth. He has become such an independent thinker the last couple months and it is phenomenal how much is going on in the little head of his at all times. His fantastic imagination is both adorable and inspiring too!


It's hard to pick my favourite creations from the year, but one was definitely the glider makeover I did in May. And another is the gallery wall completed shortly before the glider.

Gavin's skill book is another favourite project from 2011. It's so fun to begin a project from your ideas and drawings alone and see it through to completion!

And how could I leave out the Octopus-In-My-Pocket toddler t-shirt? It was so much fun to make and is still worn and loved by the little guy!


Chicken Quesadillas are my favourite no-brainer supper. They are so delicious, Gavin will eat them and they are easy.

I know I just posted this yesterday, but that chocolate mousse is my favourite dessert of the year. Yum!

And my other favourite from this year was the Roasted Chicken & Vegetables with Dill that I kicked off Food Week 2011 with. It was delicious and we made it again and again.

There really were so many things that made 2011 wonderful, I couldn't possibly list them here. I can only hope the 2012 will be just as good.

Happy New Year!

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