Simple Needle Book Tutorial

Monday, September 12, 2011

I've been organizing my craft/work area like crazy lately because it really needed it. Around Christmas time I got a lot of sewing supplies from my grandma because she doesn't sew anymore. Then a couple months later I got some more sewing hand-me-downs from the mother of my mom's coworker. I looked through them at the time then stashed them away. I finally got around to sorting through them all yesterday and discovered that I have a crazy number of a lot of things... 3 pairs of very sharp pinking shears, 3 rotary cutters (like new), a million colours of thread, a billion buttons, AND a zillion needles. I could probably use each needle once only then toss it in the garbage and still have more than I will ever use in my life. Seriously, if you need some hand sewing needles, I will give you some! Anyways, it's really annoying that I also had then in a bunch of different packages of all shapes and sizes. So I decided to make a little needle book. It's so easy and such a tidy way to store needles.

What you need:

3 Felt rectangles, one large about a 1/2 inch longer and wider than the other two
Embroidery Thread
Needle (large enough for the embroidery thread)
1 Button

How to make it:

Take your three rectangles

And stack them nicely, with the pages centred on the cover piece

Sew a line down the centre, being sure to catch all the layers

Add a button on the cover

And a loop of ribbon, elastic or embroidery thread on the back to fasten around the button

Now add your needles!

Note: I still have WAY more needles than what are in this book, but at least I know that I have enough in here to cover any project for many years so I packed the other ones away in a box. I'm not kidding, I'll give you some needles if you want them!

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