Tuesday Ten

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've decided to join in Miss Mommy's Tuesday Ten link party this week. For my list of ten things I chose....

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to This Fall {in no particular order}

1. My Oven

I basically go for 2-3 months without using my oven because I live on the second floor of an un-air conditioned building. I look forward to baking things again!

2. Canning

This year I had the brilliant idea of getting fresh fruit from the farmer's market and freezing it until the weather is cool enough to can comfortably. I can't wait for some Strawberry Nectarine Jam!

3. Clothing

I do wear clothing all summer, but I prefer to wear more! I really did fall in love with maxi dresses this summer, but those do cover quite a lot. It's not that I'm trying to hide my body or anything, I just like having lots of fabric on, it's so comfortable. Also, I can't wait to see my little man in jeans or long sleeves again. He's grown so much over the last few months... it will be cute to see him in his new fall clothes.

4. Walks

I hope to get in a bunch of walks on cool days with my guys this fall. I love being nice and warm in my jeans and hoodie with the cool air on my face. So refreshing.

5. Leaves

Even though fallen leaves do make me feel like my lungs are about to close up and suffocate me to death when they get stirred up (no, Mom, that wasn't just an excuse to get out of raking leaves as a kid), watching children play in them is priceless (and worth the physical discomfort).

6. School

Ummm, yeah, it's sort of a love/hate thing, but much better than working a crappy job.

7. Organization

Since it's the beginning of the school year and things aren't in full swing yet, I've had time to organize the heck out of my craft/work area. It's still in progress, but it feels great!

8. TV

I have to admit, I'm happy that my favourite TV shows are starting again soon.

9. Kindermusik

I tried to enrol Gavin in swimming lessons this fall, but they filled up in one day! So I opted for kindermusik instead. It's strangely expensive, but I love giving Gavin new experiences like that (we did gymnastics last winter). And since he is still a toddler, we get to go to the classes with him and share the experience. I can't wait to start!

10. Road Trip

Mason's cousin is getting married in a couple weeks and we're attending the wedding. It's about 7 hours northwest of wear we live and his family will be there. It will be a lot of driving in one weekend, but we're lucky to have a child who is very used to long drives.

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Nicole @ Miss Mommy said...

I'm looking forward to Spring/Summer!. I'm in Melbourne Australia and its been cold and winter here for the past few months so im thrilled to have some warmer sunnier weather :) Thanks for linking up :)