Reruns: Cookie Cutter Soaps

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Almost a year ago I had a baby shower for my sister. If you're new and haven't checked it out, you should read through all the fun. It was a great time! I gave some bath and body items as favours and have decided to rerun them for reasons that are much too complicated to bother explaining.

This is hardly worth having a tutorial for. These soaps are that easy.


9x9 inch silicone pan
cookie sheet (to set the silicone pan on)
metal cookie cutter(s)


Any melt and pour soap base
Soap colouring of some sort
Essential oil/fragrance oil
Carrier Oil


I don't measure my ingredient, I just go with it. So you should fill the silicone pan with water until it is as deep as you want your soap to be thick. Pour the water into a measuring cup and that is how much soap you will need. I add coconut oil to my soaps to make them softer on the skin. Melt the soap and mix in the colour and fragrance (if you want a full melt and pour tutorial, click here). Pour into the silicone pan and let it firm up. (The fridge helps it go faster!) When the soap is completely set, turn it out onto the counter and start cutting our soaps with the cookie cutter. I placed a little plate on top of the cookie cutter so it didn't hurt my hand. 

And that's that! Cute soaps of any shape. You'll obviously have some left over soap that you can melt down and use for more of these soaps or another project later.

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