A Mommy Story for Thursday

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Morning!

I have a "Mommy Story" that I have to share...

Last time we were in Regina visiting, Mason's mom informed us that the little man's teeth are starting to slant because of his "dobe" (pacifier). We decided it was time to take it away, but we had things going on with school and we couldn't afford to lose sleep until tonight. So tonight was the night. I cut the silicone part of the soother in half when he wasn't looking and when he found it, he said "broken" and tried to suck on it. He didn't like it so he threw it in the garbage. When bedtime rolled around he would not fall asleep. He cried for two and a half hours straight! When Mason got home, they had a little chat about it and he put Cookie Crumb back to bed. He only cried for a few more minutes and then there was quiet. We didn't want to mess it up so we waited about 20 minutes then finally peeked in.

He was fast asleep. With a dobe in his mouth! How was that possible? I have no idea. I looked all around his room earlier and collected all of them so this wouldn't happen! So he must have a stash, in some secret hiding place and all that listening to him cry for two and a half hours was for nothing!

This may be even harder than I thought...

Gavin & Dobe 1, Mom & Dad 0

4 wonderful comments:

Lisa Fergus said...

That's too funny!
Breaking my son of that habit was super hard. He refused naps for a week and had a 1-2 hour break down for 4 nights in a row. Then....he was over it! Then came the finger sucking. After telling him to get his hands out of his mouth (all day long) for about 3 weeks he finally got over that too. It's never easy breaking a habit! Good luck fellow mommy! ;)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Oh no! I hope he doesn't have too much trouble getting over it. I always decided that it would be easier than breaking a thumb-sucking habit, but I didn't think about the fact that it would still be hard.
Thanks, Lisa! :)

Kendra said...

When my son was 2 1/2 we got rid of the paci the same way you did. It was hard for two days then it was fine. I would let him cry for maybe 10 mins then go calm him, and that seemed to work.

But just so you know every pedi he saw said it's no big deal to keep the paci because baby teeth will always straighten out. My son's teeth were forming from the paci, and a month after it was gone sure enough they were straight.

Good luck to you on getting rid of it! At least it's not thumb sucking ;) hehe

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks, Kendra! It is going pretty well for us now that we've found and tossed all pacifiers. He is still taking longer to get to sleep, but he isn't having a fit the whole time. Then again, we've also been making sure he gets lots of fresh air during the day so he'll be pooped when evening rolls around! :)

And yes, thank goodness it's not thumb sucking!