A Long Time Coming

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Morning!

This is a first for me.... a quilt! Ok, it's a pretty slack quilt, but a quilt nonetheless. It was inspired by Amy Butler's "Thea's Quilt". I started the project when I was still living in Regina, so that was at least one year ago. I planned on making it large enough for my bed, but I think that the size of the job is part of what kept me from working on it. So I decided to make it for Cookie Crumb! It feels so good to have it done!

Believe me, it is far from perfect, but who cares when you see this:

Perfect, now he just needs a new fitted sheet! And maybe my little nephew needs a quilt? Hmm...

1 wonderful comments:

Beeshebags said...

Love the quilt....I'm sure it would've looked great on your bed, but you're right, who could resist seeing the cookie crumb wrapped up in it, looking adorable. Hugs Naomi