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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good morning!

As you may or may not know, I am back at home visiting with family right now. In an attempt to make my life easier without abandoning the blog again, I have been feverishly preparing posts ahead of time and scheduling them for later dates! I thought of posting about this a while ago and just remembered now (Yay!). I'm sure that there are plenty of moms out there who think about what cleaning products they use around their children. There are also lots of other people who worry about themselves or the environment, too, I suppose. Some products, such as Vim, work well, but make you feel ill or a little woozy after cleaning the bathroom. That is clearly a testament to how toxic they are! Now imagine a little person breathing that in. :-S 

I found this awesome recipe for a cleaning product that you can make yourself in a book my mom gave me called Homemade. It's published by Reader's Digest in Canada and it has over 350 pages of recipes for food, cleaning products, beauty products and other miscellaneous stuff that is better for you, the environment and your wallet than the versions of these things sold in stores.

Citrus Vinegar
(adapted from Homemade's Citrus Disinfectant)


1 Peel from a citrus fruit of your choosing
1 clean, large jar 
White vinegar
1 clean 1 L (32 oz) spray bottle


Place citrus peel in jar and fill with vinegar. Store in a cupboard for two weeks. Once the two weeks is up, strain the vinegar and place in spray bottle. I only dilute it a little, but you can dilute it a lot more if you like. The book suggests 1 cup citrus vinegar per 1L spray bottle, the rest would be water. 

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