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Monday, August 9, 2010

Good morning!

Even though I don't know if I have much for readers in Lethbridge, I think this is definitely worth posting because it is exciting. Have you ever heard of a band called the Cancer Bats? Me too! (Ok, I hope you answered yes) Anyways, they are kind of a big deal. Maybe not like Michael Jackson big deal, but they do have over thirty-seven THOUSAND facebook fans! Well, the Living Luca (Mason's band) is opening for them tonight!!! Pretty cool, hey?  I can't say I'd ever be seen at a Cancer Bats show, they are a little too heavy for me, but they have a big following, I have seen commercials about them on tv and stuff, and my boyfriend's band is playing as their opener. It's exciting. :)

Here's the poster:


I have not even heard about this show from Mason himself yet as I have not returned home and we haven't talked much on the phone, but facebook has informed me that they played a really kicka++ show. Facebook was also kind enough to inform me that Mason got a big compliment from the lead singer (quote: "You rocked the absolute ++++ out of that bass tonight"). I have always known he rocks, but it's really exciting to hear it from people who know more (anything) about music than I do. :)

Here's an article about the show that was in a local online magazine!

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