A Quick, Cute Upcycle

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good morning!

I just thought I'd share this little upcycled project I did the other day. When Cookie Crumb was only a few months old, Mason found these sweet art cards at Chapters. They have the letters of the alphabet and cute animals on them. At the last apartment Mason hung them all around Cookie Crumb's room as a border.

At this place we decided that we wanted to change things up, and maybe not go through the huge hassle of getting them hung right (and then tearing paint off when we move)! They were still in perfect shape, though, and just too nice to get rid of. So I glued them back-to-back so they became double sided pages. Then I used out (crappy, frustrating) three hole punch and then a little ribbon to attach them! They are now a cute, simple book. Since they were fairly sturdy to begin with I think that doubled up they will be more than sturdy enough for a toddler!

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