Shoe Love

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Afternoon!

This is a little strange for me because I am not a big shoe person. I mean, I appreciate a nice pair of shoes, but I'm not Imelda Marcos or anything close to that. Usually I buy one new pair of shoes for a season and wear them constantly until they wear out or the weather changes. Last winter it was some Ugg imitation boots by Airwalk, then some unique grey shoes with a hightop that folds over from Spring shoes in the spring, and some awesome etnies sandals this summer (which Mason's amazing Mom bought for me, otherwise I would have spent the summer in last year's Old Navy flip flops). As you see, I'm not a shoe person, I am not guilty of any crime to do with too many shoes. BUT I have fallen in love with these shoes:

However, they are now ON SALE for $55 at Aldo. That is a no-can-do for shoes when I have not worked all summer. So let's all just hope that they will still have a size 7 left over when they drop the price to $20 in November!

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