You Are What You Keep Challenge

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good evening!

I don't know if anyone else here has seen this blog yet, but it's called "You Are What You Keep". Basically it's a woman who has decided to simplify her life by getting rid of 2010 things by the end of 2010. Very interesting! If you check out her before pictures of some rooms, you'll understand why she is doing this.

Since we are moving soon, I've been doing some "simplifying" of my own. While I'm not sure I'll do 2010 items, I'm definitely up for this challenge for now at least. I think it will be interesting to see how much stuff I'm really getting rid of. Basically, it doesn't matter if you toss, sell, donate, give, whatever, the stuff, as long as it leaves your property! I've already started, so I'll try to recall the things I've already tossed in the last few days. Here we go...

1. Ancient, unworking (and frankly, hazardous) typewriter.
2. My old "kitchen table" which had been through rough times on the balcony.
3 & 4. Barstools that went with said "kitchen table"
5. An old fake rose made from string
6. An old pencil box
7. An old sketch pad that appeared to belong to an ex-boyfriend's, ex-girlfriend's little sister.
8 & 9. Two pairs of ballet shoes from my (&/or my sister's) childhood (I kept the third pair for memory's sake)
10-29. Old photo envelopes (and the contact sheets, which I didn't count as their own number)
30. Popular Mechanics, May 1937
31. The box from my iPhone
32. The box from my digital camera
33. Everyday Mechanics, January 1917
34-35. Photo album & pen from graduation that were never used
36. Old alarm clock (that doesn't work right)
37. Books from when I was accepted into the U of L
38. Dried up pen from Puerto Vallarta
39. Stuffed elephant santa toy
40. Old Sobey's "inspired" magazine
41. Stained pair of winter gloves
42. Book from a kit for making window stickers (paints and everything else are nowhere to be seen)
43. Corner stand with wicker shelves that were half eaten by my pet birds that I used to have
44. Blue ikea lamp that only works sometimes
45. High heels worn to my high school graduation
46. Piece of my sister's hair from when she was 8... don't ask me why I had this
47-50. Art & poetry from an ex-boyfriend
51-53. Cd's with random, not worth keeping things on them
54. Smashed, two pieces that once was my old flip-phone
55. Box from a cell phone I no longer have
56. Old cell phone charger from the smashed phone
57. Teddy on a bike picture from when I was a baby (probably from my bedroom wall)
58-65. Empty cd cases
66. Thing that held cd cases
67-70. Three garbage bags of bottles & cans.
I can't think of anymore right now, and Cookie Crumb has invaded! More on this later...

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