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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good afternoon!

Now I don't think this is something unique to my family or anything, but let me just say, I LOVE IKEA. I know it's a strange thing to love, but where else can you get the most fantastic stuff for your home, and pay so little? It's just perfect.

We don't have an Ikea where I live, but there is one in Calgary which is a two and a half hour drive away. That may seem like quite the drive for some shopping, but where I'm from the closest Ikea (still the Calgary one) was about seven or eight hours away! So the drive wasn't bad, it was nice to turn up my music and sing like a goof. I went alone because my little car just wouldn't have room for three of us and my purchases!

So here's what I bought...

The Snigglar crib I mentioned in an earlier post! "Why?" you ask. Well, he does have a crib that converts to a toddler bed already, but at its lowest setting the mattress is still so high that he is nowhere near being able to climb up there and that isn't going to change for a long time. I don't know who designed some of these Storkcraft cribs, but they obviously didn't do it with babies in mind!
Cookie Crumb got a table and chair set that will go in his new room as well. The set was only $30. Can you believe that? The crib and table and chair set were paid for by my unendingly generous Mom, too. She just never stops giving. (Thanks, Mom!!!!)
Next there is a lamp for Cookie Crumb's room at the new apartment. The old lamp in his room (also Ikea) quit working a while ago and we hadn't replaced it yet.

Cookie Crumb also got this awesome play tent! It was only $15 and is so easy to put up and take down. He loves it.

I haven't used cookie cutters since I was a child, but for $4, I couldn't pass these up!
For me, I bought a desk! Right now my sewing machine is on a table/shelf thing that was not made to be sat at. It just doesn't function well! We do have a desk, but I really don't feel comfortable putting my sewing machine on a glass desk. This little desk is cute and sturdy, just what I need.
I also got some fabric boxes that fit perfectly into our EXPEDIT bookshelf that we got last year. These will be for the little guy's toys. Our living room will look much more tidy when his smaller toys are hidden. The little flap of fabric on the front is like a handle. How smart!

Finally, a little fabric. I can't believe how cheap it is!
(I bought the light blue of this polka dot fabric)


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