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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today is a packing day for me so I've been keeping a list of stuff I'm getting rid of for my attempt at the  YAWYK challenge. Today I've been in the kitchen, bathroom and Cookie Crumb's room (which has a ton of stuff stored in the closet!).

71. Cordless phone box (my mom always taught me to keep the boxes of things so I always stash them somewhere to be found a year later just taking up space!)
72 -79. Crystal wine glasses (so, I have a confession: I have a thing for glasses, like the ones you drink out of. We filled up a whole cupboard top to bottom with glasses here and had to stash these in another cupboard. Since I don't drink alcohol of any type very often, and pretty much never at my own home, I figured I should start reclaiming some of my cupboard space)
80-81. Water bottles we never use.
82. Bag of old baby cereal.
83. Container of old baby formula.
84. Broken magic bullet container
85. Baby bottle
86. Bag of old toddler snacks that has been lost in the back of a top cupboard for months.
87-89. Vases that I never use and don't even like.
90. Two towel holder things that don't work.
91. Curling iron package
92. Bottle of ancient azulene oil that came with some wax or something forever ago.
93-94. Creams I prefer not to identify from my pregnancy.
95. Almost empty container of exfoliant (already replaced)
96-99. Old bars of the worst soap ever.
100. Almost empty bottle of lotion for new tattoos (I haven't been tattooed for over 2 years)
101-102. Jars of red and blue Jerome Russell Punky Color hair dye from 5 years ago.
103-105. Worn out change pads.
106. Wet wipes container (we have another)
107-108. Baby bottle lids with no matching bottle around.
109. Old pacifier
110. Ugly old pacifier clip
111. Empty dvd case.
112. Random cloth diaper
113. Lonely tupperware lid
114. Thread stand (I found a better way to store them)
115. Pack of cheap markers (I found a huge number of markers in my art cupboard, so I kept the crayola ones)
116-117. Flannel crib fitted sheets that had seen much better days
118-139. Pre- Pregnancy shorts/pants, skirts & shirts from before I was pregnant that I haven't fit back into (I saved a small box of items that I love too much to give up hope of fitting back into them one day!).

A bunch of boring stuff, but there is proof that I have now gotten rid of 139 items from my apartment!

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