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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good afternoon!

Well I'm still in the depths of exploring all of my possessions. Today I decided to take all of my memorabilia from whatever in my life and put it all in one place: the big blue trunk. The big blue trunk has been around forever, and my mom used to store things that were special from me & my sister's childhoods. When I moved out of home, it became my coffee table in a couple of apartments I lived in, but since living here it has hid in a closet because it isn't exactly child friendly! When I first started this sorting process, I thought maybe I'd do away with the trunk altogether. Um, nope. One look at it and I knew that we wouldn't be separating for a long time (I blame my love of big old trunks on my Mom, who also loves them. She used to have one that was big enough to sleep in. It was seriously much larger than a coffin!). You also cannot get a trunk quite like this old beat up thing anymore.

Anyways, I had yearbooks, photo albums, and various other trinkets from my childhood and teen years scattered throughout the apartment in different boxes and things. NOW they are all in one place! Woo. I also managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I will have to take a bit of inventory of it so that I can add it to my YAWYK list. But when I was doing all of this sorting I found some neat little treasures...

The most recent items... lino cuts I made in high school. The left is a weird bird and the right is Kurt Cobain who I was a little obsessed with in grade 11 when I made this.
 This is a beautiful silver frame with my name, birthdate, weight, and time of bird engraved on it. I didn't get a great photo of it, but it's really beautiful. Funny thing is, I don't recall having ever seen it before!
 I don't know who made this for me! But it's very cute AND crafty!
 This was a neat find... My parents' wedding invitations. I think they are very classy, actually, and the design is timeless. Not something that screams 1980s!
 These two vintage hair combs. I love these! I think they were my mom's. 

This is the outfit I was brought home from the hospital in when I was just teeny tiny! It looks like it is brand new though. It says "Jemima Puddle Duck" beside the embroidered duck. I guess my dad bought it for me. :)
 Tiny dance shoes!
 A very vintage rubber ducky.
 A small silver cup. This one didn't have an explanation, but I assume it was a gift when I was little or something?
 A vintage backpack complete with peace sign! I don't remember this one's history either, but it is just really cool. :)
 A play purse made by my mom. It means a lot to me now to find things that my mom made for us as children because I have come to love sewing, too. It makes me feel proud that I got that from her. And also, she likes to say that she is not the creative/artistic type. Pfff.. Years worth of halloween costumes, Barbies clothes, children's clothes, and other little items like this say otherwise, Mom!

PS- If "you are what you keep" then I like what these things say about who I am!

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