You Are What You Keep, Again...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

While resorting my old things, I got rid of a bunch more stuff!

140-147. Old paintings by me.
148. Decorative baby booties (from my babyhood)
149. Stuffed, decorative kite
150. Mercury Maze
151-152. Two pairs of squashed Minnie Mouse ears
153-154. Disneyland cups
155-156. Frilly fabric photo frames
157. Canada millenium keepsake tin (I already have another)
158-162. Cups with Disney characters (you know those ones with water between two layers of plastic? And glitter and stuff that floats in the water? Yeah, they are all dried up!)
163-229. Yes, that's right, 66 birthday cards from when I was 1 until 11. I even kept some special ones, like those from my parents and sister!
230. Toddler size bunny slippers (pink, so not really reusable with my son)
231-232. Thank you cards from old teachers
233. Pink baby blanket
234. Poem by a high school boyfriend
235-247. Crafts made by Gavin. You can only keep so many!
248. Picture of Deana Carter. (Come on, you know the song "Strawberry Wine"?)
249. Paper hat that says "I am face" on the front
250. Dream catcher I made as a small child that is falling apart.
251. Bike bell
252. Brass mouse whose purpose I do not know
253. Set of 1999 Western Canada Games Alberta pins
254. Set of Minnie Mouse corn on the cob handles
255. Grade nine report card
256. Script from my modelling class
257. Etiquette manual on how to eat certain foods (from my modelling class)
258. Disney Adventures that I was featured in as a child (I already have 2 other copies)
259. Newspaper story about a girl who became a model (this was once my dream)
260. Various faded movie tickets
261. Various bookmarks
262. "To a Special Teenager" poem on a credit card size piece of plastic
263. Random ancient wet nap, still in package
264. Orange, blue and crooked pocket mirror with my name on it.
265-266. Two photos of boyfriends I had at the age of 13 and 14
267. Bag of fancy rocks.

Phew! More stuff gone. However, I don't know if I'll ever get to 2010. Maybe when my sister has her baby, then I can count all of our old items that she will use!

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