The Tool Concert

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So for a sort of part two to my weekend in Regina post, I'll tell you about the final night of our trip: the Tool concert! I'm sure there are many people who have and many people who have not heard of the band, and many people who would not be interested. They are a very unique hard-rock band, to say the least.
I'm not a big fan of heavy music, but Tool is a big exception for me. Of course "heavy" is a very subjective term, so you can categorize them to your own liking. Anyway, this is the third time I have seen them play in the past four years (at $80+ a ticket, that must be testimony to how good they are). Although their set up has been somewhat different every time, I have been fortunate enough to have seen it from quite far away, on the floor 20 rows back, and last night, the very front row. While I did almost get squished to death in a crowd of large sweaty men, I survived with the protection of one special guy.

So, I do recommend that you check out this band. The video at the top is from this tour, but in New Orleans. It's not a good video, but you can kind of see how crazy the set up is. They use a lot of Alex Grey's visionary art, which is quite stunning, to say the least. If you aren't familiar with the band, you can ease yourself in with Right in Two because it's pretty mellow. Then maybe go for Lateralus for a better glimpse at their style.
Alex Grey's "Interbeing"

I hope you enjoy! Also, here's their homepage. :)

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