A Weekend in Regina

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good evening!

Well, we're back home in the old windy city today. The trip home was lots of fun, but so crazy. It was busy, busy, busy and I definitely didn't see everyone! Fortunately, everyone understands the situation.

Saturday afternoon we fed some ducks, played at the park and went for ice cream with Mason's family.

Saturday evening Cookie Crumb had a sleepover with another set of grandparents and I got some time to go out with friends.
Sunday afternoon was spent out at my Mom & Step-Dad's house which is about 40 minutes out of the city and is like heaven at this time of year.
Sunday evening was spent with my pregnant (and completely adorable) sister and her husband.
And on Monday we got some time in with everyone, including great-grandparents!
It was a fantastic weekend and I really would have like to stay at my Mom's house for the rest of the summer!

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