Canada Day and a New Bag

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there!

Today was a fun day. Cookie Crumb and I got to watch Mason and his band The Living Luca play a show in Galt Gardens (the downtown park) today. It was the first time the Cookie Crumb got to see his daddy play a show with the band, so that was really neat. Fortunately for both of us, we had friends to watch with so Cookie Crumb had someone to dance, play, snack, and later, be grumpy with.

(From the left: Ivan Reina, Bridgette Yarwood, Mason Schaffer, Brendon Yarwood)

After the show I finished up my latest diaper bag! This one is for my sister and brother-in-law who are expecting their little one in September. We are going to see them Sunday so I wanted to have it all ready to go. This one is the usual formula: messenger style, flat pocket on the back, elasticized pockets on both sides, elasticized pockets on the inside, and (not the usual) a zippered pocket. I also used a layer of fusible fleece as well as interfacing for the whole exterior. I find that this gives it more stability as well as making the fabric less likely to look crinkly that if it were interfacing alone (if you have ever used heavy-duty fusible interfacing on nice cotton like this, you probably understand what I mean). Oh, and the fabric is great. I can't take credit for it, though, because the last time the parents-to-be were in town they visited The Fabric Addict with me to choose for themselves. Let me just emphasize that they did it together (it was super cute) because I think it's the sweetest how involved my sister's husband is with everything (even picking fabric!), he really is the best.

And the bag's awesome future owners with Cookie Crumb...

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