A Move, Maybe?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Evening!

I don't have much crafty business to speak of today. I went thrift store shopping today and came home empty handed. There just didn't seem to be anything jumping out at me. I guess we all have those days. I applied for a couple more jobs here and there as I was out and about. It is now time to apply for any job just so I can generate some sort of income.

This afternoon I checked out a three bedroom apartment that is near our current home because we've (or maybe I've) been craving the change and some more space. Since buying a place is not going to be a realistic option for quite a while, we might as well find an apartment where we are really comfortable. This place I checked out was a little more outdated than ours, but bigger. It had two bathrooms and three bedrooms! I think that I can settle for some funky carpet if it means we get two extra rooms (as well as a real dining room, not just a little nook). However, Mason wasn't available to check it out with me. So we'll know as of Friday when he takes a look at it and puts in his two cents. As much as it is a pain to move, I'd like the change. Where we live now is quite different from when we moved in, and not in a positive way!

I spent a hilarious amount of time on IKEA's website today imagining all the things I would have done different for Mr. Cookie Crumb's room had I been shopping at an IKEA while pregnant. I bet it would have been much cheaper! (Not to mention more convenient with all the crib recalls I've dealt with) So anyways, today's stuff is not handmade, it's what I was eyeballing at ikea.com!

First I have the most simple crib ever. I love it!
(This would have cost about $200 less than the one we have that had multiple recalls on it in 1 year)
Second is a dresser that could double as a change table with a change pad on top, or a simple add on for $50. The colours would have to match, but you know, I can pretend they do.
(This + the change table add-on + a change pad like the one I own would cost $130 less than the dresser and change table I own)
Third, I chose this nice little chair and ottoman combo. While I adore the glider and ottoman that I have, the gliding part really didn't end up being a critical feature. 
(This set would be about on-par with the set I have, I think.)

Possibly some of the most comical items were the little things. Like this potty chair. 
(This would have saved us about $37 because it is only $3, and ours is not a fancy one at all!)

I really could go on, but you get my point here: if you are having a baby, shop at IKEA! It is simple (therefore no recalls!) and well priced (easy on your, or your family members' wallets!)
Oh, one final comment. Let me just say that the only item here that would have saved me any money is the potty, I was very fortunate to have all of the big ticket items bought for me and I am so very thankful for the lovely things that I have. Perhaps I just feel like I could have spent other people's money a little more wisely!
;) Goodnight!

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