Me Hungry...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good evening!

Yes, it's me again, so soon. I was just wasting some time on facebook when I noticed a post from one of the pages that I get updates from. I clicked on the link that lead me to this cute story about a couple and their lovers' lock. Basically they met at a book launch, and the rest is history. Then it clicked... I have never shared my love of Jeremy Tankard with all of you!

So let me share. I first found out about Jeremy Tankard when I was at Chapters months ago. I saw Grumpy Bird (his first book) which he wrote and illustrated. I thought it was so irresistibly cute that I had to buy it. I fell in love with it, and insisted on reading it to Cookie Crumb often.

A few months later we were at Chapters again and he found Me Hungry which became his personal favourite. For a long time it was one of the only books that he picked to read, and he knows exactly which one it is. He even says "No" on the right pages, makes panting noises at the part where the boy is running, and hits his head with his hand when it says "Bonk!".

I have also visited his website numerous times and I love his pictures. So I highly recommend that you do the same, and if you know some little children who love books then you really need to check his out! :)

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