The Illusion of "Busy"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good evening!

I'm feeling quite refreshed after a lovely little thunder storm this evening. It was setting off car alarms and frightening puppy dogs and was all around quite enjoyable. The little man was fascinated and glued himself to the patio door.

My mom was in town for the weekend which was great. It was a nice visit and we really got spoiled rotten. She is really unbelievably generous. She gives everything and then some in every way she can to the people she loves and I've been so lucky to have her as my mom! Also on the topic of parents, I will send out happy birthday wishes to my dad who is also an incredibly special person. I wonder what I ever did that was so great to get the fantastic parents that I have. :)

Anyhoo... I've been feeling quite busy lately, which has led me to neglect certain things (such as blogging or crafting). However, when I really sit down to think about it, I'm not all that busy. I spend a lot of time in limbo. By that I mean that I don't quite recall where the whole day went because I don't seem to have accomplished much. Oh well! I did have the chance to teach an hour long math class today which was tons of fun! In preparing for the lesson I was reminded of how much I really did love elementary level math. It went really well, also, so that is one more thing on my side for this class!

The one creative thing that I can tell you about is that I got to film The Living Luca's show at The Slice on Saturday night and I'm now attempting to make it into a dvd! My computer isn't being totally cooperative, though, so I'm just hoping that it will burn. Wish me luck! (I hope it will be worth the time spent.) The show was fantastic, though! They really rocked out and the crowd was digging their sound. There were a bunch of people dancing and some doing all sorts of strange acrobatics and things up by the stage. They definitely got the best response from the crowd! The other bands were really great too and deserve mentioning... Jesse and the Danelions were awesome. The best was their song about driving in a truck that actually is a van. The Smokestack Jacks put out tons of energy for a duo and we definitely had a laugh about the song that went something like "...get up off of your big fat ass...". Finally, The Necessities had a really cool flavour and I wish that I would have been able to hear the vocals a little more because I couldn't quite tell what the lyrics were about. All in all, a night out getting a taste of the local music scene was pretty wicked!

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Oh Mandie! said...

I'm pretty sure that I spend roughly 95% of my life in that limbo, so you're definatly not alone!