Can't Escape the Ruffle

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good afternoon!

I've been having a busy time lately, my summer class is winding down, which means I've got the work piled high. Lots of presenting and writing and putting together! So this will be a simple post.

Since ruffles seem to be the most popular thing for women's clothing this year, I thought I'd just pick out some pretty ruffly things that I personally love. Enjoy!

First of all, this is the cutest take on a fanny pack that I have ever seen! 
Check it out at Kinies on Etsy. ($38)

The second item is this sexy ruffle scarf. 
Check it out at rufflesandlinen on Etsy. ($98)
Third is this lovely pillow cover! 
You can find it at iviemade on Etsy. ($44)
For the last ruffly item, I chose this unique ruffle necklace.
You can find it at bikimiki on Etsy. (20¢, yes, that's right twenty cents!)

Now go find/make yourself some adorable ruffles and have a great day!

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