The Little Man

Thursday, May 20, 2010

There is a little story behind this post that I should tell you before anything else. Today I had to do a very short class presentation on an item that is special to me. I took my son's most special stuffed monkey. The point of my presentation was that my son really made me who I am today. What shocked me is that I got all teary in the middle of talking about it. I guess sometimes I forget how amazing he is and how amazing all the things he has done for my life are.

1 day old - January 2009

So this is to my little man. He really saved my life. Because of him I went from a lost soul, to a woman with a purpose. I gained a new perspective and a new direction. Because of him I have the most amazing partner in my life. Because of him all of my bad moods are threatened by his brilliant smiles and silly tricks. Ever since I found out that I was expecting him, my life has been absolutely perfect. Every single thing since that day has happened for a reason. I now know the value of family, and what exactly family is and is not. I am happy living a "mundane", normal life. In fact, it is all that I want. I could really go on forever, so thank you to my baby for just being here.

Almost 16 months old now!

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