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Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Afternoon!

The other day I made my first ever treasury on Etsy, and I was pretty excited to share it BUT it didn't save! This has left me a little bitter about treasuries. So I decided to share some Etsy items on my blog because I know that it is going to work for me! I was thinking about how much stuff there really is on Etsy. I usually only look at a few categories, but there truly is something for everyone. This lead me to do some exploring. Here's a few neat items that I found on my journey.
(All photos are linked to the listing)

This is a vintage dictionary light switch plate by TackledAndShackled. I picked this because it reminded me of a couple projects I did a few years ago. I modge-podged an old phone (one with a cord) and one of those cheap floor lamps with text from Cosmopolitan magazine. It was funny because if you read the little pieces they sometimes said really funny things!

This is chandelier made from reclaimed wood and wine bottles at RepurposedOnPurpose. What a great idea! I love very original repurposed items. Plus, I've always found it really interesting when people make their own lamps/chandeliers/etc.

I love the whole collection of "botanically inspired textured tiles" that elementclaystudio has for sale. If I had a nice house and extra cash I would definitely buy a bunch of them and put together some kind of interesting arrangement.

While I do not endorse the smoking of the illegal substances that these are often used for (Note: The seller specifies that these are for use with tobacco and other legal substances only) I do think that this glass Honeycomb Jupiter sherlock by endiodesign is a work of art!

Thanks for checking out this stuff! Next time you're bored you should take a look around some of the categories of Etsy that you haven't yet explored.

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