Gavin's Birthday Party

Friday, March 1, 2013

So I was reviewing my 25 before 25 list, and remembered that this was on the list. Gavin's birthday party was over a month ago now, but it did happen. We had 3 of his friends from daycare over for a couple hours and did cake, presents and a couple games. 

The kids were crazy! I can't imagine having more than 4 little boys in the house at once! But it was fun and I'm glad we did it. I modified a couple party games to fit our dinosaur theme and their age. One was "pin the tail on the dinosaur"

The other was a game that let them all open a present. I thought this might be a good thing since kids this age often really want to 'help' the birthday boy/girl open their gifts.

Mostly, they just wanted to play with all of Gavin's toys. It was definitely a good lesson in sharing!

[Note: For obvious reasons, I can't post a bunch of photos of other people's children, so I just chose a couple photos without their faces.]

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