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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

It feels like ages since I've sat down to type up a blog post, and rightly so. I'm glad I took the month off. When I decided to take the time, I did it because I knew keeping up with this would be hard, but in hindsight I know it would have been near impossible. It's good to be back, though. I'm looking forward to this year!

The one thing I did take the time to write up in December was a "25 before 25" list for myself. You may know that I'll be turning 25 in August, which is one of those more significant birthdays. I wrote the list up earlier in the month and had the chance to cross a few off on my break and a few apply to our Hawaii trip in February, so I'm not being really strict about it... it's just for fun! 

1. Finish my thesis
2. Get my degree
3. Watch the sunrise above the clouds (like from Haleakala)
4. Climb a mountain
5. Snorkel somewhere tropical
6. Try surfing
7. Go on a big trip with Gavin & Mason (Hawaii!)
8. Get some work done on my back tattoo
9. Reach my goal weight
10. Go to the dinosaur museum with my boys
11. Compile a personal cookbook
12. Start my "grandparent project" idea
13. Throw Gavin a birthday party
14. Make cake pops
15. Go one month without any TV or movies
16. See The God That Comes 
17. Give Gavin his first live theatre experience
18. Learn one song on guitar
19. Fill a journal
20. Get a "grown up" job 
21. Try 25 new recipes
22. Be silent for 24 hours
23. Go vegetarian for a month
24. Take Gavin to an art gallery
25. Visit my grandfather's grave (which I've never been to, as far as I know)

What do you want to do this year?

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