The Best Feeling Ever

Monday, October 22, 2012

You know how sometimes you have a sudden memory from your childhood... 
Something reminds you and you suddenly remember a special detail, well, kind of...
It's there - the images, or the smell, or the taste, or the sound - but you can't quite name it...
And it bugs you forever?

I had one of those a little while ago. It was a book that we had, it was a favourite - about a little witch, who wanted to go out with the adult witches on halloween, but they wouldn't let her. I just couldn't remember it, but lucky for me, there's google. So I searched and searched and I couldn't find it. I emailed my sister (who has a great memory) and she knew what I was talking about, but didn't know the title either.

And finally, a couple weeks ago, (after way more time invested than I'd like to admit) I found it. It was just listed with other witch books on some random old thread on a forum. I got it through our library and it was the best feeling ever. It's out of print, published in 1991, which is why it was so hard to find. I just wish I could keep it!

The story is about a little witch who is too cute to go out with the other witches on halloween, so her mom makes her an ugly witch mask and gives her a "training broom" to learn to fly on.

After a good start, she crashes and knocks out a tooth and bruises her eye.

And just when she's about to cry, the witches cheer for her because no longer has to wear a mask to go out with the witches.


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Mom said...

I remember that book too!!