Monday, September 3, 2012

I generally don't post here about birthdays if they aren't from my household (because then you'll post some and not others and feel like people will wonder why...), but this little guy will always be an exception. 

Today is Ben's birthday. Ben is my one and only nephew and I love him to bits. It's amazing how much we can love our own kids, but I think it's equally amazing how much we can love our sibling's kids!

This little guy started out quite timid, but at two years old he's such a bundle of fun. Whenever I see him he's either quiet or incredibly loud (not much in between), he can give the best stink-eye if you look at, laugh at, speak to, or come near him without his authorization, and he can give his mom some serious (seriously adorable) attitude in the sweetest little voice you've ever heard. Oh, and he absolutely adores his big cousin Gavin who absolutely adores him.

I'm so grateful for this little guy for so many reasons. Just by being around, he has helped teach Gavin so much about compassion & consideration for those smaller than he (at least once a week Gavin will have a chat with us about which toys at our house are safe for Ben, though he's only been here once). 

And I can't believe that Ben is two. 

Happy Birthday, Ben!

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