Post Birthday Post

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I had such a wonderful birthday yesterday, I just wanted to share a couple of photos. Mason and Gavin got me some awesome gifts:

Red wine & chocolate, a pretty sarong (which Gavin tries to steal and snuggle with any chance he can) and an amazing basket! There is a booth at our local farmer's market that sells these baskets that are handmade in Ghana. Isn't it beautiful? (you can find their facebook page here)

Gavin had to go to daycare for a bit, so Mason and I got the chance to have lunch together which was nice. Then we spent the evening at Whoop-Up Days (the exhibition/fair/whatever you call it). It was unreasonably expensive, but so much fun. Gavin was so overjoyed with every sight, sound, ride, game & toy won that is was all worth it.

2 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

GORGEOUS basket! They did do a great job :)

Glad you guys had fun at the exhibition, too. I love the bottom left photo.

Mom said...

It looks like Gavin went home with a pretty good prize!! Cute photo.