Read: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

While we've all been hearing the hype about the Hunger Games for a while now, I took my time getting to the books. It's been about five years since I really got into a good novel so I was putting it off. But after the girls at work kept going on about the books, I figured I should read them. One night I was at the library and spotted the first book on a shelf (which is rare) so I snagged it and dove in. 

That was eleven days ago and I finished up the final book last night! I think that just the small number of days it took me to get through them all says enough about how amazing they are.

After finishing all three, I found myself kind of shocked at how dark and twisted they were in some ways! These books are so heavy at some points and it's shocking to think that a woman who has written children's tv shows came up with the things in these books. I loved the depth of characters, the plot twists, and the honest depiction of war. I was also really impressed with how few things the movie left out.

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