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Monday, June 18, 2012

Over a year ago I bought a groupon for a company called Photobook Canada. It was a great deal and I love photobooks, so I bought it without having a plan for a book. Fast-forward a year and I had only a couple of weeks until it expired and still no idea! 

I decided to do something really simple: make a book of family members for Gavin. I have a baby book and photo albums of Gavin, but I always get antsy about him touching them because, well, he's a three year old boy! 

This book is just for him, and I'll try to relax and let him use it as such.

And if you're wondering, Photobook Canada makes beautiful books. I was really impressed with the quality of the book. They captured what I love most about photobooks: my own creative ideas compiled in a professional package.

In terms of creative potential, Photobook Canada's software is quite a bit behind other companies like Mixbook and Shutterfly. But I was able to compensate by creating pages on PicMonkey, then uploading them into my book. It wasn't the most streamlined method, but given the simplicity of my book, it was easy enough.

The price was great because I had a groupon, but had I not, these books are definitely pricier than some of the other companies I have ordered photobooks from in the past.

The one thing that I loved about the book from Photobook Canada, that I haven't encountered with any other photobook company, was that they don't put their company name in it. While I understand that motivation for other companies putting their company name on the last page of the book, I really prefer for it not to be there. 

[ there are many more pages, I just picked a couple to show off ]

[ note: I wasn't compensated at all for this post, I just chose to write it all by myself :) ]

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