Movie Monday (err, Tuesday): The Hunger Games

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I know, I know, you've heard it all already. Maybe you read the books, maybe you didn't (I didn't). But the bottom line is you have to see The Hunger Games! I can't say that it was the best movie I've ever seen because I've seen a lot of movies and can't remember all of them to give them all a fair shot at that title. But it was the kind of movie where you walk out thinking That was the best movie I've ever seen!

I took myself on a date to see it on Saturday night, like I do sometimes when I want to go see a movie and don't have a babysitter (which is anytime after 5:30 pm or on the weekend in Lethbridge). I kind of laughed at myself as I cried [alone] at the heartbreaking parts, jumped out of my seat [alone] at the scary parts, and clued into the fact that my whole body was tense that I was trembling. Haha. It was great though, going to movies alone is actually really fun and refreshing, especially if you live in a city where you really don't know anybody so you never get that strange feeling that you'll run into someone you know and explain to them (and whoever they're with) that yes, you are there by yourself, alone, because people do these things.

Sorry, this isn't me ranting about the pros and cons of doing things alone that people usually do with other people. This is me telling you to see The Hunger Games movie because you will love it, I'm sure. :) 

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