Monday, January 16, 2012

I hope you've heard of TOMS by now, they seem to be all over the place these days. I bought my first pair in the summer because I wanted them so bad. It's hard to find a good pair of shoes for much less than $50 that fit me well anyways, so it's a bonus that someone else is getting a pair of shoes from my money too!

This is my first pair now... beat up! Red was a bad colour choice for me because they showed dirt. If you don't spend any time tromping through playgrounds filled with sand or dusty rocks, red is probably a fine colour. For me, no. Also, they did wear out pretty fast. Usually my shoes don't wear out so quickly, but when your shoes are made of canvas (and you use a toe against the heel to slip them off) what do you expect? The comfort made it worth it for me.

And here's my new pair! I love the herringbone fabric, which is thicker (wool, I think) than the canvas. Also...

They have teal soles! I love them, but want to see something better?


Gavin has been growing like a weed lately so he needed new shoes. Since we aren't getting winter weather, we couldn't really wait until spring. He said he wanted TOMS like me and he wanted them to be blue. He shopped online with me and we found these.

And they look like they're missing laces, right? Actually there is velcro under the section with the eyelets, so laces are totally optional. He likes them without.

Enough, I know. I should definitely be getting paid in shoes for this post, but I'm definitely not. There's no incentive for me, just shoes (and a cause) I think are awesome.

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