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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good morning! And how are you today? I felt like writing to write, so that is what is happening. I have no plan, no real content. Just the urge to type.

I feel like I'm getting a cold today. We had a busy Christmas, a few days off, and then more busyness ever since. We're in a bit of a strange period here... Mason is waiting to start work and I'm having a different semester.

Usually at the beginning of a semester, I have a few weeks to relax and do nothing, but not this time. I spent the last couple weeks compiling my research proposal for a grant I'll be applying for by the end of this week. It's strange, exciting, and has been a little nerve wracking because it's all very new to me. It's definitely a step outside my comfort zone, but I think it will be great. (If not, there'll be something to learn, right?)

Anyways, I'm wrapping up that writing process and diving into school. It seems as though I actually have to do the university thing for real this semester... not just float on through. I suppose that's a good idea since I'm going to be an honours student next year, which brings with it an expectation of being... Independent? Motivated? Advanced?

I'm hoping to squeeze in something creative this semester. I have tons of writing to do and I'm sure as the due dates draw nearer, I'll feel a stronger urge to do anything else. Gavin's room does need a little help converting fully into "big boy" territory, although I've given up hope of everything matching perfectly. Leave the beautiful designs to those on Apartment Therapy, this boy's room just doesn't have room for budget + function + fashion... so the third one is going to suffer a little. Oh well!

In other news, my mom is coming into town on Sunday and I can't wait! I'll have to find some time to put down the books and bake a cake because Mr. Gavin is turning 3 in a week. Yes, three! It's hard to get my head around it.

Oh, and winter finally arrived. On Saturday it was sunny, snow-free and 7 degrees (45 Fahrenheit!) outside. Today it was snowy, icy and -26 (-15 Fahrenheit). I don't feel right complaining, since this is the first week it's felt like winter, but wow is it hard to adjust to that change in temperature!

What's up with you this week?
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2 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

You ARE independent, motivated and advanced. I should know. I am your mother. You may think you have been floating through school, but you are smart and driven. That is why it feels like 'floating'. You will continue to excel. I know that.
And I will be around to bake that cake if you want me to.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks, Mom. :) And the cake is already in progress! It will just need to be assembled sometime after you arrive.