A Story I Should Have Posted On Halloween

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh well! The other day I got home from writing an exam and I was skimming through pinterest when I saw this:

I found it particularly funny because I could totally relate. Well, not anymore, but for a long time.

So here's the story... When I was a a kid (in the 9, 10, 11 range) my mom used to let my sister and I have slumber parties at our place. We would both invite a bunch of friends, eat a bunch of snacks, watch movies, stay up late, and camp out in sleeping bags on the floor. One time it was on halloween.

We all dressed up in our costumes and went trick-or-treating, then came home to watch scary movies. My mom was going to make us some little pizza snacks so she asked a couple of us girls to go downstairs to get a large mat to put over the carpet while we ate. My sister, me and a friend all went down the stairs to grab the thing, even though it was really only a job for one. I opened up the closet while the other two stood back a bit. Just then someone - some thing jumped out at me! I screamed and ran into the hallway, turned in circles, screaming, and then ran up the stairs. My sister and the other girl ran into each other and the door before they made it upstairs. Of course by that point all the other girls were also screaming their heads off. I think I was in tears by that point when the thing - my mom's friend, ran up the stairs and unmasked himself. He had a broken leg at the time, but had camped out in the closet, in costume, for hours waiting to scare us. {I'm just thankful I didn't pee myself or anything, because it was that scary!}

After that I was definitely paranoid. I slept with my closet door open for years. Yes, YEARS! I would always check behind the shower curtain as soon as I entered the bathroom (sometimes between the layers), and I would look around behind me then run up the basement stairs really fast at night time. I'm not sure when I got over it, I'm sure it wasn't until the middle of my teen years, but it sure does make for a great story now!

{looking back on it now, I'm sure my mom and her friend got what they deserved when a whole houseful of pre-pubescent were screaming at the top of their lungs}

2 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

Ahaha... When I saw the picture of that shower curtain, my first thought was "Seriously? I'm not the only one who used to check behind shower curtains for potential psychopaths?!" (EVERY time I entered a bathroom. Well into my teen years.)

When I lived in my first apartment, if I would come home and find my roommate was out, I had a system for checking the whole place before I could relax. I say I had "a system" because it was a special order of moving through the whole apartment in a way that would ensure that no murderer could end up behind me (between me and the door) without me seeing him first. A little superstitious (bordering on OCD)? Probably. But I don't think childhood events were to blame. It was CSI.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Haha! That is so funny, I used to do that too sometimes! Not all the time because I spent a fair chunk of time living alone, so I was used to it, but if I heard any weird noises or felt especially creeped out for any other reason (at the Braemar I did have a creepy ex that liked to force himself into my place when I was home, so why not when I wasn't). I definitely thought I was weird for doing that stuff, apparently not so much. :)