A School Project

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Maybe you noticed a month ago when I mentioned that I was going to a dance club for a school project? Well it was a pretty fun project, so I thought I'd write a little more about it here.

We had to pick a place to observe people and how they related to the space, then do a project on it that tied into our class. Some other topics were a lingerie store, a hockey game, heavily used intersections, city buses, and so on. We did ours on personal space (wish I could take the credit for the awesome idea, but it wasn't mine!).

So one night we went to a dance club to see how personal space changes at the bar. I don't know if you've ever gone to a dance club sober (my friend who I was working on the project with had), but I hadn't. It's just not a place that I would have any interest in being in my normal state of mind. Anyways, we saw there what you would see in any other bar in the world: people on the dance floor were packed in like sardines while the rest of the people had plenty of space. And beyond that, we were totally matter out of place because we were wearing modest, everyday clothing and were clearly not falling all over everyone else!

The other part of our project was at the grocery store. We were interested in how the grocery cart becomes part of your personal space when shopping. Our very brave group member actually went and took things from people's carts. While they weren't overly upset about it, we clearly violated the rules of the grocery store even though that stuff isn't yet "theirs". Here's our quick silly video of him breaking the social rules of the grocery store:

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