Book-Smart Sunday

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well, classes are all over and exams start tomorrow. BUT on Friday I (and my entire class) got a fantastic surprise. My most favourite professor announced that our final paper for the class was optional. Optional! How fantastic is that? I already have an A in the class, so I am opting out! And I'm so thankful to have the extra time to study for my other exams because other professors are not so kind.

Anyways, I needed to take the time to write up a post for this book because it was a long search to find it. We all know the book The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore, right? Of course I had memories of the book as a child so I wanted a copy for Gavin. I looked around at Chapters the last two winters and didn't like what I saw. The art was never quite right, and I couldn't find the same one that we had.

Finally, this November, I found this one:

It also comes with a cd, which we have yet to listen to, but I just love the art! We also have Puff the Magic Dragon which is illustrated by Eric Puybaret and the pictures are so beautiful. So if you've been on a search for a wonderful copy of this book, here's the one! :)

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Tara said...

I swear I just saw the same one we had as kids for sale somewhere this year... I think it was someplace odd, like Safeway or something. Anyways, I know the Puff the Magic Dragon book you are talking about, so I am sure the illustrations in this version are lovely as well!